Laptop DC Socket Repair

Laptop DC Socket Repair

Laptop not charging....?

Laptop DC Socket repairs can be done the same day or in 24 hours...

Update: Please note we currently are not taking on USB-C sockets to repair

Over time plugging and unplugging your laptop charger can loosen and break the DC socket power jack port. One day the laptop will fail to switch on due to the battery not being charged. Also a common problem is the charger has a loose broken wire inside which the user then has to fiddle around to get to charge; eventually this then also breaks the DC socket so you would have to replace both the DC Socket and the charger.

Here are some symtoms...
  • When plugging in the charger it feels looser than usual, seems to have more movement.
  • Random laptop shut off's
  • You may find you have to pull the charger a certain way and hold it to get the laptop to charge.
  • You've already purchased a new charger but still doesnt work.

Laptop DC Socket Services

  • Test Laptop Charger
  • Replace DC Socket
  • Secure Loose DC Socket
  • Replace USB Socket
  • Replace Headphone Microphone Socket

USB and Sound Sockets

We can replace USB sockets

USB Socket Repair

We can replace HDMI sockets on some laptops

HDMI Socket Repair

We can repair or replace the headphone and microphone sockets on some desktops and laptops. If there is a tip stuck inside the socket please refraim from inserting glue to try and remove it, this usually makes it impossibile to remove, please let us inspect it first we may be able to get the tip out without replacing the socket.

Headphone Microphone Socket Repair

We repair laptop DC Sockets on brands including Acer, Apple, Advent, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Emachines, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Lenovo, Google Chromebook, Toshiba, Samsung, PC Specialist, Sony Vaio, Zoostorm and more...

We offer *free diagnosis also collection and delivery services are available, please view our FAQ page or contact us for further information