Payment information

Payment Information

Mobile and Online Banking

PC FIX Is proud to provide fast repairs to the majority of jobs undertaken (and quality of course), please kindly also return the same fast courtesy with instant payments by utilising the mobile payment feature PayM™ to 'Pay a Contact/Mobile Number' which is integrated in virtually all mobile banking apps. The process is very easy, simply select "Pay a contact' or 'Pay a mobile number' and enter 07888966069, the following page will show 'Comtrics', if registration is required this process is also very quick by recieving an immediate code via a text message. This quick mobile payment method saves having to setup a new payee and enter account details, but if a new payee is the only method then the bank details are contained on the emailed quotation or invoice. The email must have images displayed to view this info.

We accept credit card's with no added fee's except business cards which incur a 2.6% fee. If using a debit card or apple/android pay we would prefer to be paid via PayM™ or bank transfer. Sorry but Paypal is not accepted.

Cash is accepted for small valued in-store stock purchases, or for foreign nationals who may not have a UK bank, large amounts of cash is not accepted for the following reasons:

1) Must be paid into the bank which is 3 miles away and costs £1.50 per £100 deposit + £3.50 parking permit (Total minimum of £5) or a £70 fine if I've gambled with no permit ticket for dashing in!
2) The workshop then becomes unattended which could in turn cause frustration to customers when randomly collecting a computer and the workshop is closed because I'm far away in a cue paying cash in

It's easy and free to make payments with PayM


1) Easy mobile payment PayM

It's easy to pay using PayM to 'Pay a Contact/Mobile' using a mobile telephone number.

Pay using your banking app installed on a mobile device. This is the easiest and best way to pay friends, family, and business's, no more account numbers just pay a registered person or business mobile telephone number. Below is a screenshot of Barclays, most UK banking apps now have this integrated. Registration is just a simple click or text confirmation.

Pay a Mobile ContactPayM

2) Online Bank Transfer

Click on the applicable logo below to open a new browser to your banks information and download page or if you already have your banking app installed click on the video link for an instructional payment tutorial.
It is recommended to have online banking apps installed and PayM setup before computer collection. Once apps are setup and PayM is registered payment takes only 20 seconds to pay a person or business.

Natwest download page Natwest video instructions grey line HSBC download page HSBC Video instructions grey line RBS Bank RBS Video instructions grey line Co op bank Coop Paym
Nationwide download page Nationwide Video Instructions First Direct download page First Direct Video Instructions TSB download page TSB Video Instructions Metro Bank Metrobank Paym instructions
Santander download page Santander video instructions Lloyds download page Lloyds PayM Instructions Halifax download page Halifax Video Instructions Smile Banking Smile Banking

3) Credit/Debit Cards

We accept all types of credit and debit cards, if using a debit card please do use mobile banking with 'Pay a Contact' method to save on costs

Square credit debit card payment logo

If you are a business an is interested in taking card payments I recommend using Square payments. No monthly contract, afordable devices, nice android mobile terminals, lower fees and next day payments into bank account or even same day payments if requested.

Here is a fabulous link to get a nice welcome fee discount:

Square Discount Link